Being Present In The Moment (Mindfulness)

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Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment, not overly reactive or anxious for the past and the future.

There are two doors in our life. One we know but another one is ambiguous. One is called the ‘Past’ and another one is the ‘Future’, in which all minds are trapped.

Each day is full of endless opportunities which we lose while only thinking about our past and dreaming for our future.

It is because the past gives us memory and the future vents our worst fears and airs our greatest hopes, creating an aversion to going into our present. Whereas both are nothing but illusions in reality.

An anonymous quote puts it so perfectly when it says, “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.”

When you aren’t being present you will become a victim of time. Your mind is drawn into the past or future.

Your thoughts are either of the past: what has been? , what could have been? Or, your thoughts are the future: what will be? What could be? What might be? If…

It is beyond doubt that putting time into thinking about our past or daydreaming about the future is natural, but thinking it every time and standing peacefully rooted in the present becomes increasingly rare.

Now, here a question arises, without a sense of time how would we survive in this world?

So, here is a straightforward answer for this question that we can endure in this world without a sense of time because worrying about time isn’t so much precious at all but our dwelling peacefully in present is undeniably a treasure.

It is the time in which whole life unfurls and it is the only constituent which remains persistent. Time means nothing in our life, it is just a human concept. Time is only used for documenting history.

It doesn’t actually exist.

Really, it doesn’t.

Time; Past, future doesn’t exist.

The only thing which exists is present. This is all that can exist because you can’t feel past and future but you can feel present.

Have you ever gone into your past or future and done anything there?

The answer would be an absolute NO!

Because we do everything in our present and then someday it becomes our past and future.

They have no reality of their own. The only reality is the present moment. If you will only think about your future, that I will do these things, they can’t be done only by thinking but for that, you have to work harder today and struggle for achieving your goals.

Many people don’t contend because they have fear. Fear of not becoming something, fear of losing and gaining, fear of not reaching their goals.

The whole obstacle is of fear.

It might be asked that what fear itself is? How it arises? What is the root of fear?

So, fear is both ‘time’ and ‘thought’.

It transpires from something worst that has happened in past. And it is recorded in our brain as memory.

For example, I failed an exam and that memory is preserved in my brain. So, I would not give that exam again because I don’t want to feel the failure again.

This whole process is of fear if you will grasp its principle only then you can deal with it.

But if you will escape from fear then for the rest of your life you’ll remain afraid of not trying again and be a victim of a sluggish mind. At the end of the day, the root cause of fear is exactly our memory.


Conclusively, regretting would not change your past and worrying will not change your future until you commence living in the present to be happy.

If you’ll keep on grieving over what has happened and accumulate anxiety over what is to come, you‘ll most likely be wasting the precious moments of the present.

Live in the present and be real, it’s all that matters.

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3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago

Wow!!! Such an astounding work it is❤️?

Sayantan Mitra
Sayantan Mitra
3 years ago


3 years ago

Mindfulness-Key to a happy life.

Subha Satya Dash
Subha Satya Dash
3 years ago

It’s a Good Read

3 years ago

A masterpiece!! This is a well written article on mindfulness. You have done an outstanding performance. Keep going.?

3 years ago

Such as Outstanding piece of writing Girl….!
Best wishes for your writing career….!

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