Are Humans Really Happy?

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Despite having every comforts in the world, we still cry for more. We are the the most evolved being in this planet and still we search for reasons to be happy. Are we really happy? Or something is coming in the way of our happiness?
Greed- The Uncharted Minds
Are Humans really happy?

Are humans really happy?

Yes and No.

Humans are provided with many qualities than any other species by God. He has provided all the positive qualities but when we use them negatively we get the opposite (bad qualities).

The mixture of good and bad qualities include- honesty, strength, loyalty, maturity, self-control, GREED, care, pride, courage, kindness, HAPPINESS and so on.

From the above good qualities plus one bad quality, the two are marked with capitalized letters. One of them is good quality ‘Happiness’ and the other is bad ‘Greed’.

What if I say these are opposite qualities i.e; good and bad. You would be thinking that how happiness and greed are related? How these two can be opposite?

However, happiness and unhappiness seem to be opposite of each other.

Let me explain this with a story…

There was a friend of mine (let’s call him D) who was very talented but poor and didn’t have enough facilities to study. His father had died and he was the only breadwinner for his mother and 7 sisters. His dreams were bigger but conditions to achieve his dreams were limited.

One day he was thinking before his sleep about life and nature as usual and decided to do something in this life.

Then he started working hard day and night. He studied under a streetlight and became the CEO of a reputed company after all the hardships. He was very happy with his success. His company was going good. One day he decided to open another branch of the company in another country.

He would always think of something more as he started getting more serious about his success. This seems to be a normal and positive thing that he was thinking bigger and improving day by day but his greed for success was more dangerous than his hard work and success. He lost the word happiness from his life’s dictionary.

As his greed for success increased; his happiness in life decreased.

Thus, happiness and greed are inversely proportional to or opposite to each other.

Coming to the main point of question that;

Are humans actually happy?

My answer would be both Yes and No.

Yes, because it is one of the most important qualities and feeling of human.

No, because of the greed and desire for more and more make us unhappy.

P.S. The above story isn’t real. It’s just to define human nature in regards to happiness.

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Shaheer Shah
Shaheer Shah
3 years ago

No, we aren’t happy. We just pretend to be.

3 years ago

Agreed dear! We should be grateful to God for what He has given to us.

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