An Unexpected Love Story

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Does it hurt to lose someone you love? How much does it exactly?
Romantic relationship- Delik House

Holding a cup of coffee, she was standing on the balcony enjoying the rain while sipping her coffee. It was a really blissful moment until she felt the presence of someone behind her. She turned quickly but no one was there which relieved her a lot. She again got lost in the rain and her strong coffee which were a perfect combo for such a great evening. The weather was cold and chilly but she felt the warmth of someone’s breath on her neck.

At first, she ignored it but then she heard someone breathing behind her deeply intoxicating her scent. She was frightened and couldn’t look behind her. She started praying to God to let that thing vanish from her behind but that was of no worth because that thing out of nowhere grabbed her shoulders and she freaked out and started shouting for help. She kept on shouting when that thing covered her face with his humanly hands which were familiar to her.

She stopped and in a flick of a second turned her head and found her boyfriend standing behind her trying hard to control his laughter with a really pretty and funny face. She threw his hand and lashed on him, said things, hit him, shouted at him and whatsoever.

He kept on laughing and ran here and there so that he could be safe from his mad, embarrassed and not-so-in-a-good-mood girlfriend. He stopped and without her notice hugged her tightly and stayed like that for a good 20 minutes.

That hug calmed her and she started crying and said, “I really missed you Love. I was waiting for you for so many years and now you finally came to me. Swear to God that you won’t ever leave me again.” and she hugged him so tightly so that he will never leave her again.

He said, “I missed you a lot Love, you have no idea how hard it was watching you every day waking up, doing your things, eating, working, sleeping but not with me. I yearned to be with you but my love, wanted to spend every second with you but I was destined for something else. I never wanted to leave you, but I had no other choice, I had to go there to serve my country. It was my destiny to die for my country but I wanted you to live. I wanted you to live my life too, to take my responsibilities too, to love yourself as I do. I was there every moment watching you. I hated every minute when you cried for me, it was the most heartbreaking moment for me as I was not there to be with you, to hug you, to pamper you, to love you. But I never expected that you’ll end up your life too. Why did you do this to me? I died once again when I saw you killing yourself. I tried every possible thing to stop you but I failed miserably. I wanted you to live my love, to see this world, to grow old, to enjoy this life, then why you took this step. Why?”

He fell on his knees, crying, looking over her dead girlfriend, standing right in front of her.

She sat down and took his face in both of his palms and said, “I am nothing without you. My life is like that winter that lost the faith of coming to its end. I was dead the moment I got the news that you martyred in that war. You were fighting for this country where we live, you gave up your life for your country, but what about me Love? I have no one to call mine except you, my whole world shattered into pieces that moment. I was traumatized and tried to make my brain believe that no this news is fake you’ll come for me. And you came but in a coffin covered in our Country’s flag. Seeing you like that broke me entirely. I lost all those hopes and faith in God. I died entirely at that moment. I cried for days and nights, trying hard to live, but giving up was easier than holding it. Whenever I felt low, I always found your presence by my side but I wanted you. The only way to get to you was to end my life and look now we both are together. We can stay like this forever, in each other’s arms, loving each other, without being afraid of dying once again.

I’m with you now and I always wanted this. I’m happy because I have you now and now I won’t let you leave me, ever.”

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Raheesh Khan
Raheesh Khan
2 years ago

Please accept my request on Instagram.
Please it’s a humble request.
As a friend.

9 months ago

Great and very heart touching story

7 months ago

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We deliver stories that are worth your time.

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