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The Ramayana Telecast on DD National, trying to look deep into aspects of Lord Ram's life contrast to current situation. Are the leftist ideology people are truly liberals as they claim to be, as we read about in the debates these days?
ramayan questions
Ramayana beyond conventions of humanitarianism

The discourse and debate has been long.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused ripples upon the sophisticated lifestyle of humanity, where everyone tries to outshine their contemporaries.

Humans have turned hostages of their own sins. How strange is that!

In recent times, the Union Ministry of Broadcasting decided to telecast Ramayana and Mahabharata on DD National. A sort of silent rebellion turned cold when the shows dampened the sight of millions of spectators in nostalgia.

People stick to the television to resurrect their childhood. The enchanting tone of Lord Ram mesmerizes the soul, the preaching that stood immortal against the ravages of time.

Utterly, the characters played in the series portray a greater gravity of seriousness as they would have done merely acting in cinemas.

Ramayana has been a sacred voyage of limitless theologies of human behavior. The morale behind every operation carried out in the sacred book deciphers the highest form of righteousness.

The phases of life struggles of Lord Ram are not linear.

In other words, he portrays a significant culture to overcome the overwhelming burdens of promises made and lures that pressurizes to break them.

Ram in the supreme form of consciousness who is not perfect at all. He crusades as a human to overpower personal pleasures and embrace consciousness of his words.

Amidst a lot of appraisal for Lord Ram, many things tarnished his indecisiveness and utter impatience to conquer over Lanka.

Being away from beloved Sita, a sort of edginess surfaced in his holy heart, describing the psychology of any other pain stricken lover.

It was obvious to many that Lord defied the of warfare while he avenged to keep the words of Sugriva. Through crevices of canopy, he flung an arrow that shattered the hardest core of Bali’s chest.

In a bid of keeping promise, he did all wrong against the concept of war. Such is the example of real humans; I repeat, real humans.

Humans cannot be perfect.

Karma is their possession. Time and destiny have their own will. In count of deeds, gross goodness of a person is counted.

In better verse I would say, comparison is done based on who has done the least sins. Everyone is a perpetrator of his or her decisiveness and indecisiveness.

The consequence with less destruction is worth praising.
Indian politics is the deserving example of this hypothesis.

Are Left Truly Liberals?

Leftism has pristine roots in the aftermath of French Revolution.

The concept was born from anti-monarchist Montagnard and newly chaired Jacobins electorates, mainly consisting of mediocre of the Third Estate.

They generally sat left to the presiding member’s chair in parliament, and thus named so.

The French uprising gradually paved the path for leftist ideologies to spread across the European mainland, especially among the working class.

Leftist revolution was kindled along with the rise of industries in Europe. The demands pressed by workers became the political epicenter for its smooth sail.

Poor working conditions,improper housing, scanty wages, inflation, demonic masters, and other woes got due attention. Not just industrial forces, semi skilled artisans, farmers, landless laborers and common professionals were highly influenced.

But, were these all the only factors that defined leftism?

Nowhere does evidence signify them to be liberals!

By the mid 19th century, they claimed to have formed fronts to reinstall nationalism, socialism, and anti-clericalism.

Throughout the century, left and right people fought over various economic and social parameters.

The ‘June Day Uprising’ was one such attempt made by leftists to assert their propaganda after the 1848 Revolution.

However, the intentions were not achieved due to scanty support.

Intellectuals like Lenin and Karl Marx evolved theories of communism, portraying the human history as a dirty struggle of working class.

Their aim was to establish a proletarian society that would eventually wean out capitalism. Classlessness and an undiscriminating society is what they aimed through their preaching.

Instead of all, vast scale politicization of workers led to violent rebellions against the state. Riots became common, more or less, deciphering a bitter picture of social fanaticism.

Terrorism and armed troops set to conquer government at the gunpoint. Kidnapping, bombing, illegal trading, guerrilla warfare and other unconstitutional intentions flourished.

Front de liberation du Quebec of Canada, Symbionese Liberation Army of the United States, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, Communists and Naxalities of Indian, are a few to name.

Communists and Socialists have never rowed smoothly since their birth in India in the mid 1920s.

It was badly organized until the decade ended when Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan and Workers and Peasants Party of Bengal, convened to extend their support.

New leaders emerged, inspired by lines of revolutions held in Soviet and China, simply inspired to abolish Zaamindari.

Unlike today, the Communists never shared the same plate with the Indian National Congress.

The League Against Gandhism, initially known as the Gandhi Boycott Committee, was formed in Calcutta, founded by underground CPI and allies to launch militant anti-imperialist movements.

So, the desperate support they are pushing for centrist parties today is just a reflection of their fear of losing grounds.

The CPI government became the first leading opposition, while the INC was in power. It triumphed in assembly elections of many states like Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura.

After losing the last ground in Tripura, CPI faced a complete wipe off.

In broader sense, Communist ideologies have never delivered long-term visionaries.

Compelling everyone to come to an equal level resulted in a dearth of innovation. Entrepreneurs became reluctant to obey hardcore socialist fascism.

Breaking of Soviet Union is the recent scar that manifested a blot on the spread of communist ideals.

Moreover, China follows a pseudo-dictatorial leadership with military dominance. Thus, development is short lived.

While depicting historical events, they have whitewashed the indispensable legacy of Sardar Patel, Netaji and other leaders who braved their lives for the sake of Motherland.

The noted narratives reveal that Left were not liberals anyway.

The entire discussion was to question the intelligent taggers who term right wings are extremists and leftists as liberals.

Who are these witty brains to call Ram hypothetical?

Who are these persons to term Ram Setu frivolous?

Last but not the least, it is the power of democracy that has nested every voice in its basket, no matter how vivid it be.

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