Africa: What Is The Problem With It?

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From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. The colonization of the African continent has destroyed their culture, history and dynamics of their society. But the important question is that what should be done to restore it?
Africa: What Is The Problem With It? - Delik House
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Firstly, that our own history wasn’t written and represented by our own pens, was the biggest mistake ‘we’ made.

The white men told the story of only our encounter with them and capitalized on it to tell a single story of us as they portrayed us as black and the color black as a non-entity.

It is until we write our own stories with our pens and languages that we’d begin to be on the verge of correcting this misconception.

The white men also came to our continent with their own culture and brainwashed us into thinking that they had the best culture and that ours was inferior.

It was based on these that we abandoned our cultural heritage and prioritized for the white men.

This pitiably also became the whites’ simple way of putting a knife in the things that bound us together and consequently caused us to divide.

Tribalism has also burrowed deep into the continent, to the extent that seconding to religion, it became the catalyst of wars and conflicts that occurred in the continent.

There isn’t a mutual love that exist between the dynamism. Not to talk more of unity. That is why there is little or no progress in the continent because peace begets progress.

We have been challenged to love people who have differing beliefs unlike most of the western part of the world, but it is us that should take the bull by the horn by upholding unity in diversity.

Selfishness and corruption have successfully chopped off the goodness that was a must needed quality of a leader.

Many leaders instead of working towards the betterment of the whole continent would rather wish to have their pocket filled to the brim. This is seen in the smallest of offices from where it escalates into a national thing that throws it into being a continental malady.

It is a necessity that leaders put the general interest in the heart in their discharge of duties, so that even development may find its way down to each and every nook and crannies of our country.

Religion, not wholly or its real self have also contributed to our problems. It is our view of it and how we approach it.

The extremism and misunderstanding of its dictations have caused our wars and conflicts. It is high time that we look into it too.

It is important that we sit down with cool heads and look into what our problems are democratically so that every man’s opinions and views would be considered when making decisions that would make a better dynamically structured society and that is all that matters.

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