Addressing The Elephant In The Room- Are We Ready For The New Normal?

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Corona pandemic has taken everybody hostage as we all are living inside our houses. But we cannot stay closed forever. We have to come out masking ourselves to survive in the new normal. But what if the idea of 'Staying at Home' or 'Work From Home' has made us depressed? If that is what is happening; Are there any ways on how to 'NOT' fall into depression?
Adjusting to the new normal after Corona- The Uncharted Minds
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Elephants are very interesting animals. An elephant’s trunk has around 15,000 muscles. It is said that it can drink around 200 litres of water every day using its trunk.

An elephant can smell water 3 miles away.

Elephants walk in groups and are seen to appreciate each others company. According to research, elephants can die of a broken heart if their mate dies. Elephants bury their dead, travel for ‘funerals’, speak to each other, make friends and portray a lot of intelligence. The same way people think puppies or kittens are cute, elephants think people are cute.

A single elephant tooth can weigh as much as 9 pounds. African elephants have only 4 teeth to chew their food with.

Poaching of elephants in Africa has become rampant. Poachers were after elephant tusks which were sold at very expensive prices.

Since then, African elephants have been evolving without tusks.

This, unfortunately, hurts them.

What do we learn from them?

Human beings have been the most affected in the global community by the novel Corona virus. People have lost jobs, rise in gender-based violence, corruption is on the rise. Not forgetting how much our social life has been affected.

Working from home is now a new normal. Our ‘tusks’ have been removed.

Should we cry and get into depression? Or should we cry and adapt to the new normal?

Adapting to the new normal is easier than getting into depression.

Let us normalize working from home, as they say, east or west home is the best. No one should take spending time with close relatives for granted.

Instead of concentrating more on the effects, we should invent new strategies to cope up with the situation.

Remember, elephants being one of the few animals that cannot jump, they still look comfortable. They are respected by even the ‘King of the Jungle’!

Which makes me wonder why lions were given that title.

Let us all address the ‘elephant in the room’ by being aggressive enough to invent new cultures.

Let’s not ‘mask’ our fears but scream unity behind our masks.

Let’s spread peace and tranquility.

We are one. We are together even when miles away.

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Emmah njeri
Emmah njeri
3 years ago

Wow…i love this…its amazing how we can learn great lessons from animals who we might think they are just ‘animals’…its not easy to adapt to the new normal but well….its the only choice we have…lets change with change…i like what you are doing Sylvia…keep going dear

3 years ago

Change will always come. The best thing is to adapt or rather evolve as it comes

Susan wangui
Susan wangui
3 years ago

Wow!!!a very educative piece …let us cry and adapt to the new normal…good work..keep it up my dear.

Rajesh Sahu
Rajesh Sahu
3 years ago

Human race will always try no matter what…We have a situation but it will soon be over and we can all brag about how we survived a pandemic by sitting at home and watching Netflix…?

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