A Strange Diary – Part 2

In the part 1 of the series of 'A Strange Diary', I found out that Abhinav was killed. Who killed him was still a mystery and why was the writer's girlfriend, Sophia, was there in the room with him when he was killed? Did she killed him? If not, then who did?
A Strange Diary- The Uncharted Minds

I got up at the crack of the dawn. It was half-past 4 and all the fellow commutators were still in the deep sleep.

The ear-splitting snorts of an old man had overpowered the putrid smell coming from the toilet. But people around me had turned a deaf ear to it. I don’t know how they were managing to sleep around that cacophonous noise and nasty smell.

I had that red diary arrested to my chest so I decided to turn a few pages to drive my senses away from these miserable surroundings

1st December 2016

I’m surrounded by dark walls. There is no window here. My mouth has gone dry and my palms are wet. My head feels heavy like I’m carrying a massive metal over my head.

And my sight has grown dim. I can see the vague images of people through the ajar door darting outside this room. I can hear the menacing footsteps moving to and fro. It’s like a hammer striking my nerves. A daunting snarl of an animal is piercing my ear. It is trespassing through the wall which stands tall left to my ear. Maybe it’s a hound. My sullen eyes are searching for the animal but I can’t see it. I guess it is captured somewhere behind the dark walls. I feel for the petty animal.

I want to go home. I can fix it all. My friend is dead and my love is missing. But what the hell I’m doing here?

This doesn’t feel real.

It must be a dream, a nightmare.

I was at my home gazing at the dead body of my friend. The terrified Sophia must be searching for my arms. I need to call her but there is no reception on my phone.

Is this a reality or a dream?

I’m perplexed. It’s like a labyrinth that I’m toiling to solve.

How did I get here? No…no it must be a dream.

I need someone to wake me up. It’s puzzling I can’t figure out what’s real and what’s not.

Is my friend still alive? Was that a dream? Or is this a dream? Whatever it is I just want to run away from here. But my legs are tied to a chain. I want to scream but it feels like I have strep throat. I have the dark secret buried inside me. I remember how our vices turned into tragedy. I can fix it all. I know Sophia had stabbed my best friend. But I don’t know why she did this.

Every time I close my eyes, I see Sophia undressed resting in the arms of Abhinav. He was caressing her cheeks and kissing her lips. They always cuddle in my dream. Maybe I have gone delirious. The shock of my friend’s demise has got over my nerves.

I was immersed in reading this intriguing story when my phone started ringing.

It was my dad who probably wanted to know if I’m on the right train.

To Be Continued

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