5 Awesome Tips to Practice Self-Isolation from Social Media

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Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction, a sense of clarity and value as an individual. These all creates a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and you forget the whole essence of being in a physical world. So, we are providing you 5 hacks to successfully break your social media addictions and get in touch with the physical world.

If you are reading this blog right now, then there is a huge probability that you have found the link to the blog on some social media platform. Well, thanks for peeping in, really appreciate it. 

Disclaimer: Do not expect any sort of lecture on social media addiction, the side effects or how social media is taking a toll over us. What you can expect are tiny tricks to fool yourself to not use social media and a pleasant conversation with me. 

It would be unrealistic if I will be telling you to stop using social media, deactivate your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts. Well, duh! You can’t just abandon your followers and acquaintances, even if you will be doing that virtually. 

In all these years of the social media revolution, I have got my revelation. There is no point in criticizing social media platforms like there is no good in criticizing technology. They were invented to solve problems, there was a time they were not a necessity but a simple solution to certain problems. It was us, who made them luxury and then a necessity. 

Also, there is no denial of the fact that it (social media) does connect people. That’s a different thing that people started connecting on altogether a different level. A level, where they started posting stories of washing doormats, painting their nails and even singing in the washrooms. It’s like anything and everything happening around them has to be on their Insta wall. I wonder Why? 

After every certain interval, I see WhatsApp status and Insta stories of breakups. But my question is, “Do I really need that fact in my life?” All these things lead to one thing that is over dependence. We are missing out on a real-world to fit in a virtual world. Just like Facebook sacrificed its audience to feed them the then-new, now old trend of Instagram

In simple words, social media is like junk food. We all know junk food tastes good but we should avoid it but we end up eating it. The very same thing happens with social media. So, here are some tips to avoid the junk. 

1. Interact With Real People

When you are upset or happy, instead of putting up a story or status, try talking to a being with flesh and blood. Give a call to someone whom you think will understand you. Publicly broadcasting your emotions can get you many congratulations and sorries but how many of them are really meant for you? 

2. Divert Your Mind 

Every time we pick up our phones, it doesn’t matter for what reason, we end up scrolling our social feed. Well, you can spend hours scrolling your social feed and you wouldn’t even realize. Rather than engaging in something of very less value, try doing something which will add value to you. Like, google something interesting or watch a YouTube video. Obviously not TikTok vs Youtube. 

3. Start Reading 

Trust me on this, reading is the best alternative to anything. There is no better alternative than reading. Well, slow down, don’t scroll down yet. I am not asking you to read something which bores you. There are plenty of genres to read, it can be romance, thriller, horror, fiction, non-fiction or comics for you. If nothing interests you, you can read us, The Uncharted Minds. 

4. Talk To Family 

This is something most of the people are missing. The whole family might be sitting in the same room, staring at their respective phones. Why not keep the phones aside and talk. Just talk, maybe about your day or some experience and if you are brave enough then talk about emotions. There is no time better than family time. 

5. Sit Quietly 

When was the last time you sat quietly with yourself? When was the last time you watched the moon? When was the last time you sat in your garden staring at the stars? When was the last time you just sat and thought about nothing? The questions are saying a lot. Spend some time with yourself, just like that without your phone. 

I will be a hypocrite if I say I don’t use social media. I definitely do. But I would like to take the credit of not giving detailed insights into my mood or relationships. Social media is not bad. It is connecting us, me and you and thousands of people. But letting it take a toll over us is not the best decision, missing out on greater experiences because of social media is not wise. 

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3 years ago

Ought to be acknowledged

Sheila Ray
Sheila Ray
3 years ago

This is really useful at this time when we are in our houses and desperately need something to get done and to get it done…I don’t mean to get depressed.
Loved it ❤️

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