11th Hour Samaritan

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Is he really her best friend? What am I then? Amit never would have guessed who is that best friend of his girlfriend before what happened to him...Unfold the whole story!
Couple Breakup- The Uncharted Minds
Is he really her best friend?

Do you believe in God?

Well, I never did. Until this miracle happened-

It was 2028. I was 27 years old then.

I was settled in Mumbai with a 9 to 5 job, but I did get a good salary.

I was happy.

Happy regarding my professional life.

But, I’m afraid I can’t say the same for my personal one. I was in a relationship with a girl named Poorvi.

We met at a book exhibition back in my hometown in Bhubaneswar. It was 2020 then. I was indeed surprised by her immense love and knowledge about books as well as the entire world.

Her wisdom perhaps allured me. I was positively smitten by her beauty.

But, it was her down-to-earth attribute that attracted me the most.

Attraction, in turn, made her my crush.

We exchanged numbers and talked frequently.

I started liking her.

Those late-night chats drew us closer.

And finally, the inevitable happened. We fell in love.

I proposed her on her 21st birthday.

She was utterly in awe.

And, it didn’t take her long to answer.

She immediately responded with a heartfelt ‘Yes’.

She worked in Bhubaneswar as a fashion designer.

The distance was definitely playing the role of a perfect ‘Couple Breaker’, but we kept it at bay for 6 years.

Then, it all started last year.

Do you know what the actual reason for most breakups is?



Reducing the intensity of love?




A Best Friend?


That’s what I believed. And I bet that’s what most of you guys understand.

Whenever I missed her, I used to open her Instagram handle and gaze at her photos.

It was some consolation, though it’s nothing when compared to a face-to-face meeting.

Then, one day, I saw that she posted a new pic with a guy.

That guy was handsome, to be honest. And he had an excellent sense of fashion. He was so much like me.

I saw a quite striking similarity between us.

I asked her about that guy.

She replied, ‘Hey! Amit! He is one of my roommates’ work-mate. I met him at her birthday and trust me, baby, he is a very sober and friendly guy.’

I didn’t know what to reply. I was jealous, of course, but he was just a guy she met some days ago. And we had been together for 6 years. I decided to leave him be.

Days passed, and the relation between those two grew stronger. I was witnessing more photos of them every week.

My trust was starting to dwindle, my confidence was slowly slipping away.

Yet, I tried my best to keep the topics of our conversations away from that guy. She had no problems either. She didn’t mention much about him.

Every time I looked at their pictures, my heart became slow, and all my assurance seemed to leave me for good.

I decided to take my efforts to the next level. Then was the time.

If not, I risked losing her forever. I had to act when things were still in my hand. I decided to pay her a surprise visit!

I informed my parents that I was coming home, but I told them not to mention anything to Poorvi.

Yes, they did know about us.

And no, they didn’t have any objection.

They couldn’t afford any objection actually.

The last time they tried to stop someone from getting into a relationship, they paid heavily for it. It was my brother. I was 9 years old then. He was 12. He was with a girl. And trust me, I had no idea about love back then, but whenever I saw them together, I felt one thing. They meant a lot to each other.

A lotttttttt actually.

My parents came to know about this. My brother received a bitter scolding that day and was warned not to speak to that girl again. But, as in most of the cases, he left our house, along with that girl. That girl had a brother who was working with a pretty decent salary. They lived with him. He took the responsibility of teaching my brother. Since then, I haven’t heard anything from him. My parents were heartbroken. Little did they realize that their good advice was actually going to rob their elder child from them. Hence, they accepted Poorvi with a warm and bright smile.

I reached Bhubaneswar at 9:30 AM. I visited my parents first. They were ecstatic to see me. I had a perfect time there. But my mind was somewhere else with Poorvi.

I had to see her soon. I had to make things right at all costs.

I reached Poorvi’s house at around 11 AM. It was precisely the same the last time I saw it. I rang the doorbell. Her father opened the door. He was delighted at my arrival. He asked me to come in. But, I wondered about Poorvi straightaway. I was in a hurry to take her out.

‘I am sorry Amit, Poorvi is not here. She has gone out.’ Her father was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get what I came for, but it was okay.

I took my cell phone out and called Poorvi. She picked up.

‘Hey Amit, Good morning.’

‘Hello, Poorvi! Umm! Where are you?’

‘I am out. Why?’

‘No, Nothing! Just felt like calling you. Are you alone or you are with….that… guy?’

‘Ohh, Amit! Yes, I am with my best friend.’

She giggled.

That giggle was enough to bring my rage out of me. I lost my temper.

I was burning with fury. I took my car (my dad’s car actually) and drove off.

I was absolutely furious.

Best friend? Like in 3 or 4 weeks? And me?

I’ve been with her for 6 years. I came so far only to visit her and was about to return empty-handed?

My entire focus was on Poorvi and that guy. They were out together. This thought was killing me from inside.

My eyes were completely off the road. And, as ill-luck would have it, I was hit, even before I could realize.

My car was tossed up and landed with a thundering jolt.

The windowpanes of glass were shattered. I was numb. I lost control over my body. Everything was blurred. I could hear faint screams of people approaching me.

And then, I closed my eyes.

The next moment I remember was when I woke up and watched a ceiling over my head.

I didn’t know whether I woke up from a dream, from a coma, or I was in heaven itself.

But the nurse standing beside me, made me realize that I was indeed in a hospital. I was too weak to speak.

Thankfully, my memory was still intact. I congregated the little energy I had, and spoke out,

‘Sisteee! Wath Happindh Thu mee?’

My words were not at all clear.

Thankfully, the nurse understood them.
‘Oh! You met with a gruesome accident, sir! Miraculously, you survived. Your kidneys were brutally damaged. When you were brought in here, any chance of survival looked bleak. Fortunately, we got a donor in time. The blood group and tissue matching were successful. We got a surprising match. And look! You’re alive.’

The nurse’s words somewhat soothed me.

I thanked God for sending the angel of life. The angel was my 11th hour Samaritan. He saved me.

Suddenly, the door of my room opened, and Poorvi dashed in.

Though I remember that I met with the accident only because of her, at that moment, I felt immense pleasure after seeing her.

She was crying. Crying heavily.

She was thanking God repeatedly.

One could clearly see the emotions in her eyes. I felt guilty. I was wrong.

She indeed loved me so much.
‘Thank God! Amit! You’re awake. I knew it. Nobody can take you away from me.’

She held my hand. Tightly.
I asked –
‘Thee Donor….Whoo, Saved me…Kidney’

I was trying to inquire about the man who donated me his kidney. But my words were never going to support me at that moment.

But, the highly trained and professional nurse was still there. She translated those meaningless words for Poorvi.

‘Oh! Your Savior. It was Jeet! My best friend. But you know, I am surprised. You never told me that Jeet was your elder brother.’

I was shocked. I literally couldn’t come to terms with what she just said.
‘He didn’t know either.’

The nurse intervened.
‘We got to know only after DNA tests of him, his parents, and Jeet.’

I felt even more guilty.

The guy I thought as the incarnation of Satan himself, was actually my 11th hour Samaritan.

My brother and I couldn’t think of a better best friend for Poorvi than him.

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Kiran Sourav Das
3 years ago

The most thought striking plot is always yours bro. ?✌️
Amazing as always

3 years ago

I loveddddd the story???? I remained gripped till the last word. Amazing work Aniket????

Jass Preet
Jass Preet
3 years ago

Too engaging to handle

3 years ago

I literally felt like reading the entire story in just one breath❤️
???(this was my reaction whole time)

Anil Bej
Anil Bej
3 years ago

What a thriller man ?
I would love to read these type of stories everyday ?

Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
Sylvia Beatrice Wairimu
3 years ago

A very interesting story

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